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Rebelious Chic

Hello everyone!

Well, so I (finally!) can post some OOTD on my blog! Actually, I was more into fashion first than beauty, and how I knew blog for the first time is because Olivia Purvis, a famous fashion blogger from UK, so yeaa ... I love to being a fashion blogger at that time, but then, I found makeup and I falling for them! #blah. Okay, stop right there, so don't be confused if I post something like this, okay?

Oh, & for fashion category, I will write it on English because I find that it more fun & more interesting! XD

So, for my first OOTD, I named it Rebelious Chic!

I want it to look a bit rebel, but still chic & modern. So I just put on some vest & heels!

Black vest : Yuan Clothing

White crocket bralette : Yuan Clothing

Ripped Jeans : Yuan Clothing

What I love from this look is, it still look modern, but in different way. It's really cool & very street style!

Black Strap Ankle Heels : bought it from China (Shopee)

To fierce it up, I took my fringe brown bag & also, some choker!

Fringe Bag : H&M

Choker : Importiamall

You didn't have to buy a same thing like mine, you can buy a similiar one or just mix some of your old clothes like this!

The key to achieve this look was : Vest & Ripped Jeans!

Love you all,
4 komentar on "Rebelious Chic"
  1. ah dedek gemes, aku suka outernyaaaa <3

  2. The new you, Mar! Love it!


  3. Mary, cantik sekali aku suka lihat stylenya. Gorjes banget deh :a


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